Matters of the heart-Unintentional Hiatus & Rabbit butt cake,

Published 03/04/2015 by maria44slife

Well Hello I’m finally back after a long unintentional hiatus. Life has just been rushing by there has been a fair amount of worry & sadness  interspersed with some joy & Pride.

lets go with the pride & Joy first I think. Well My older Daughter lottie she passed her driving test OMG I am so  so chuffed for her I mean I passed on my 4th attempt & so we got her first car. A little for KA a dark red one the one of her friends said it looked like a grape so instead of Stephen the Great it has been called Stephen the grape, young people eh? the car cost a few hundred pounds the insurance how eve I had to hand over my first born child . not really but £1,700 cost was painful I had used a defibrillator on my poor wallet lol.

the grape

Next up my elderly mother in law passed away. that has been tough on hubby & his siblings but it did bring some of them closer that they had been for more than a 1/4 of a century. Losing s parent is always tough as much as we know that  some day it will happen to us all we still look to our parents to live for ever & how will I cope with out them, even if have our own grown up families she will be greatly missed.

One of my sister in laws has an organ transplant late last year. She is having a bit of a tough time & has had to spend her birthday in hospital

I would urge every one to sign up for organ donations have a donor card give someone the chance of life make it your legacy.I mean after all you won’t need them when your gone.

I’m if any one found this rude or goes against your beliefs then that is fine & I am sorry for offending you.


Oh yeah hubby finally lost is job due to medical capability dismissal after 18.5 years service and it counts for nothing these days. Hubby is finding it a bit tough he’s lost his mum & his job so 2015 has not got off to a good start for him he has also lost two teeth he got up this morning with an infection in his gums so we spent a few hours at the dentist after he had some numbing injections he went all pale & looked like he was going to keel over he has been resting most of the day.

There another glimmer of happiness Mothers day & my birthday. The cutest prezzie  I got was a fuzzy note book.

diary This is so fuzzy & cute. It is lock able, it is A5 and the pages are lined which is great for my wonky hand writing.  Another novelty Item I got was a book of trivia.


I also got make up from Charlotte Tilbury. I stuff is pricey but I have fallen in love with her brand. I was lucky enough to get an eye shadow quad in the sophisticate and a swish & pop blush in sex on fire.


I also got three pensil’s one lip liner in kiss & tell. I got two eye liners one in midnight Marlene a great dark puple-ish blue and the other is called eye cheat to make eyes appear wider & a shapener to keep the pencil’s sharp.

IMG_0068 (2)

I got one eye shadow pallet from Hourglass from in monochrome.


On to hair I got a set of wide plate T3 hair straighteners OMG they are even more pricey than GHD’s

FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[1]

I am so excited to be trying out all these things out. Sadly I dropped my blush and it broke 😦 it is till useable but it’s not pristeen any more. Still

Oh My Goodness my birthday cake that I got was so funny my daughter got it it looks like the back end of a rabbit sticking out of a rabbit hole. So we called it rabbit butt cake lol. It was very nice too.


Well what more can I say I have been busy busy & life seems to be rushing by faster & faster, so I feel that I need to blog more often as a sort of hobby really just so that I can relax and enjoy some down time. so hopefully the world will be hearing more from me. So bye from me for now.

Love Maria xxx



Our health

Published 01/04/2014 by maria44slife

So the health thing, Hubby’s recovery from his heart attack is a slow prolonged affair his diabetes is getting in the way plus two bouts of man flu have left him struggling quiet a bit. I feel powerless to help him I worry constantly every time he goes out on his own because I know how stubbon his is & he will say he is fine even when he is not.

I have a few issues my self health wise. I cant have one chronic condition in my legs no iv’e been very greedy and got 2 the are lymphedema where your lymphatic circulation is compromised and all that fluid pools in your lower legs & lipodema a chronic condition of the fatty tissue which is very painful. the two are combined so it is called lipolymphedema but the lipodema caused the lymphedema and it is hereditary  oh lucky me eh? To finally have some form of diagnosis is great I think. It does explain a few things though like I have never been able to where boots not even ankle ones because I have never been able to zip them up & why my thighs are up to 1-2 clothing sizes bigger then my my waist then have to wear a belt to hold them up. My legs have been a funny shape since my teens. The lymph swelling bit started about 5 years ago but recently  it has been subsiding from my legs when I rest them up. A year ago I developed ulcers on my legs, They are quite deep on my legs there is no skin just open wounds that refuse to heel. The lovely nurses come around to change the dressing twice a week but they smell bad and it is all I can sell. I have neuropathic  pain with electric shocks that wake me up they are worst when the dressing are changed the pain lasts the rest of the day. I do spend a lot of time crying because the pain is so bad I live on pain killers but even now this not working as good as they were. 

I have been put in to compression  bandages they squeeze the lymph fluid out of my legs now they are uncomfortable to wear but at the same time strange & I can feel where the fluid has moved to in the top half of my legs. On the down side however they are very tight & make walking very difficult so I have spent most of my holiday laid up with my legs & on yet another course of antibiotics because the wounds are infected yet again the smell is so bad.

well that’s all from me for now

xxx maria  🙂

I am back with a sack full of mixed emotions most of them negative.

Published 31/03/2014 by maria44slife

Hi all,

wow how times flies it seems like my work and home life ran away with me & time flew by. I feel like I’m frozen in one spot & I can’t move on, silly I know. My work life feels like impending doom, things I know I am struggling to achieve & it feels like a constant up hill battle with my self to be able to get the job done, Why do I rather silly though it may be feel intimidated by my colleagues because I am trying to gain promotion to be the same grade as them when they came straight in on that grade it makes me feel inferior, I look at my colleagues & my manager & I feel like some kind of old granny the rest are either early 30’s or late 20’s.  How do I switch these feelings off? Why am I struggling so bad at work? I am at a real low point, nothing makes sense  any more.

I know I need to toughen up & get in to THE ZONE but I seem to have lost lost it some where & I am just scrabbling  around on the floor in the dark. Grrrrrrr

xx Maria   🙂


Published 26/12/2013 by maria44slife

Oh dear the weather he wrote his car off  in pouring rain and slippery roads. This was on Monday morning then on Thursday morning returning from Tesco he got T-boned by an elderly driver who forgot to stop if that’s not bad enough I have to wait till the new years to get it fixed.

Matters of the heart- I heart Christmas

Published 25/12/2013 by maria44slife

Yaaaaaaaaaay Christmas Day I very excited . I always have been . As child we’ll as an adult I tend to blow a fuse & end up in bed early Christmas day having been sick, but that is normal for me & hubby has got used to it & always tells me to calm down or you’ll know what happens . Still it always happens that’s why I never go any where Christmas day I’m on lock down lol. 

Still peace on earth & good will to all men & women & children & pets lol 🙂

Maria xxx 

Matters of the heart -Back to work at last, Prescription exercise & stuff.

Published 24/12/2013 by maria44slife

Hi ho hi ho it’s back to work he goes at last yay .

He has huffed & puffed his way back to work. He is loosing weight gained by being sick for two years from a work related accident. oh he has an 8 week exercise prescription cool ha bet you wished you had that eh? 🙂

maria xx

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